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What's a product without a label? Your brand needs professional labels to attract consumers and build a trust for their continued business. High quality, durable labels are important for your brand to set you apart from your competitors. It provides a sense of character to your product and distinguish your brand.

Let's Talk Substrates

In today's competitive market, products demands labels that are water resistant and extremely durable. We specialize in BOPP as our primary substrate. BOPP stands for biaxially-oriented polypropylene. It’s a variant of polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene a thermoplastic polymer, alternately known as polypropene. It’s an ideal printing surface and can be made into labels and stickers, as well as textiles and a host of different plastic parts and materials.

Pearl White Bopp

High quality true white BOPP substrate is carefully sourced and controlled to ensure every print executes the quality you expect consistently. 

Metallic Bopp

This substrate allows for a wide range of metallic gradients and design complexities. It also allows the flexibility of dictating which elements are opaque and which elements are metallic. Allowing you the range to highlight your brands best features. 

Clear Bopp

Another featured substrate used for it's unique clear properties allows designs with elegant complexity. With clear BOPP, you can bring attention to particular details and fade the rest into the product.

Sealing The Deal

Protect your labels with laminates that add texture and depth to your design. Protect beautiful labels from tarnishing by liquids or wear with premium laminates as an added layer of protection to ensure your products will last.  


Simple, easy, and clean, Matte lamination helps to preserve color vibrance and wear and tear. As well as exude a subtle classiness to your labels. 


Gloss coating will showcase your dazzling product beyond expectations.The glossy, reflective finish is a richer product. Gloss laminate is durable while repelling dust, dirt and fingerprints. Even when coming into contact with surface dirt, it is easily wiped clean.

Popular Finishes

Sometimes Packaging needs extra flare to set you apart from the competition and laminates alone aren't cutting it. Weprint offers several embellishments that will take your branding over the top.

Spot UV

Spot UV printing is a technique in which UV coating is applied to a designated part of your packaging so the text/image pops off the paper with a glossy finish in direct contrast with the rest of the card-stock, color and texture. Can only be used on matte/soft touch.

Hot Foil Stamp

 A foil is a thin film coated with the colors that are applied to a product through a process known as hot stamping. 

 Another layer of the foil consists of pigmented sediments, and a third layer is a heat-activated adhesive that sticks the sediments onto the product.


Embossing raises particular elements of your design from the surface, providing a depth to the design, accentuating elements you want to stand out. 

Custom Die Sizes Available!

At Weprint, we understand there are limitless possibilities for shapes and sizes our customers require for their labels. Select from a die size we have available in house or request a new die altogether.

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